Depending on weather conditions spiders start making their appearance in the Peterborough and Oshawa areas during early spring and will remain until late fall.

If you live near a water source such as a river, lake or stream, controlling spiders is inevitable.

Peterborough Spider Control

How to keep spiders away? Spiders will quickly infest a dwelling if there is an adequate food supply. Although spiders are beneficial for their insect control, over population can become a problem. Keep spiders out of your home.

The professionals at Canadian Shield Pest Control can tell you how to control spiders for your specific situation and will eliminate spiders and their webbing at a price you can appreciate.

Getting rid of spiders is a job well rounded for the professionals at Canadian Shield Pest Control. If you’re located in Oshawa, Peterborough or anywhere in the Durham or Kawartha Lakes regions, then contact us today for more information on our spider removal services.

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