Skunk Removal

Skunks have become more of a nuisance in Oshawa and Peterborough over the last decade due to urban expansion. Skunks will burrow under sheds, decks or foundations looking for a safe place to sleep during the day.

A Skunk’s scent usually gives them away. If you find evidence of burrowing under a porch or cement steps and smell that unmistakable odor, you can be certain a skunk has moved in.

Canadian Shield Pest Control will tell you how to get rid of a skunk. Getting rid of skunks is best left to the professionals. It is not uncommon to trap 5 or more skunks from one location.

Getting rid of a skunk can be done with live capture and removal to another location before “proofing” the areas that the skunk dug in. Proofing the area can involve digging down several feet into the ground and installing wire screen to prevent the Skunks from gaining access.

If you need help with skunk removal and live in Peterborough, Oshawa or anywhere in Durham or the Kawartha Lakes region, then please give us a call today for an affordable and effective solution.

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