Mice & Rodents Fact Sheet

Mice & Rodents Fact Sheet

Do I have mice in my house?
What is that noise in my attic?
How can I get rodents out and how did they get in?
How much does it cost to get rid of them?

Sometimes it is fairly obvious there are mice in your house; chewed boxes or droppings in the cupboard give away their presence, or you might just see one running across the floor. It is more likely for you to notice mice in the fall and winter as the temperatures start to dip below zero.
I receive calls quite often about noises coming from attics and walls. Most of the time it is mice but on occasion it turns out to be squirrels, chipmunks or raccoons. The only way to tell for sure is get up there and check it out. Going up in an attic to look for animals is not for everybody, it is dark and buggy, and can be dangerous. For this I would recommend calling a professional. Surprising a mother racoon can be interesting to say the least.

Getting rodents out of your house can be as easy as setting one trap or as complicated as installing one way doors. Rodents gain access to your home from any holes that lead in, such as spaces around a/c units, water pipes, power supplies, holes drilled for cable TV, around windows with missing caulking, under doors with missing door sweeps, missing or damaged soffit and fascia, missing screens on roof vents, damaged foundations among others.

In order to rid your home of rodents YOU MUST FIND THE ACCESS POINTS AND SEAL THEM. Remember, in the case of mice if you seal holes when mice are in the house they will be sealed in. If you seal in a squirrel or racoon they will cause severe damage trying to get out. DO NOT USE SPRAY FOAM TO SEAL ANY HOLES, rodents can chew through foam in no time. It is best to use steel wool to fill the hole, and then use a good exterior caulking over top to seal the hole.

The cost of rodent removal will vary depending on the company. Companies know that this is a panic purchase and try to charge a lot of money over the phone. A typical price to exterminate mice in a three bedroom home should not be more than $225.00 this will not cover the price to fill any outside holes. To remove a racoon or squirrel requires an inspection to verify what animal is actually there and how extensive the repair. Usually there is an inspection fee. Some companies will charge as little as $75.00 or as much as $225.00 for this inspection. Some will reimburse you if they do the work some will not, don’t be afraid to ask. After the inspection is complete then you will be told a price that is fair to both parties. Beware of companies that price wildlife over the phone. If they are not willing to come to your house to inspect how do they know what they are pricing?



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